“Potential fails with wrong questions and answers.”

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I.C.E Offers Three Main Services



(Q.Z pronounced phonetically is QUIZ) Developed over six years, starting in 2011 has now become a learning event, a red carpet affair, for its participants and memorable experience which encourages those taking part to learn more and to better prepare for the next quiz

DYLM (Do You Love Me?)

DYLM? (Do You Love Me?) is an alternative approach to sex education without the banana. DYLM? was established to encourage personal accountability, responsibility and commitment

Research & Presentation

is a course where pupils/students are encouraged to examine a topic/subject and present their findings before an audience. The presenters are expected to rely on their knowledge and passion of the subject with little recourse to notes whilst presenting. A Q & A session follows each presentation.


“What impressed me most was how well planned… structured… helpful… and organised the sessions were.”

Michael – Greenwich London


“Didn’t meet my expectations but exceeded them greatly”

Patrice – North-Lincolnshire


“The content was great-Interesting…Delivery was lively and engaging.”

Alena, Ilford

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Classes, Events Conducted

Companies, Schools, Churches received I.C.E programs

Years of combined teaching experience

Our Teams Background

Our facilitators have a combined educational experience in colleges, schools, nursing, sports and faith groups, as lecturers, teachers, tutors and instructors, within formal and informal learning environments.


I-C-E also partners with Education Quizzes– who provide our education quiz questions.

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