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“Potential fails with wrong questions and answers.”

Innovative Teaching

We have a combined educational experience in colleges, schools, nursing, sports and faith groups of over 63 years, as lecturers, teachers, tutors and instructors, within formal and informal learning environments.

Fun and Engaging

IOur workshops and teaching sessions are engaging, interactive, enjoyable, challenging, competitive and fun

Proven Track Record

To date we have reached nearly 6,000 of all ages with our innovate, creative and imaginative approach to education, we would like to reach many more.

Plans and Pricing

I-C-E prices are based on the core idea of making a living and contributing to the concept of fairness, sharing and giving, so we will never seek to ever overcharge or attempt in any way to charge what we think we get can out of a client. Therefore our prices reflect our core ethic. Our deepest wish is to enrich the lives of others with our service, skills and expertise.



Q.Z is our learning event programme which some may call ‘Edutainment’. As many of the quizzes are tailored to client needs there is additional work, this is reflected in the cost. Depending on client needs, it is possible to negotiate costs on a sliding scale. We encourage wherever possible collaboration of schools, groups etc., to share cost and that will also foster positive community relationships.

DYLM? (Do You Love me?)

£600 per single session (£2400 for 4 Sessions at 4 different times) OR £1,620.00 for 4 sessions on 4 consecutive days.

For Schools
Because of the nature, style, approach and delivery of this programme, we would suggest that it would be best that our facilitator leads.
An INSET is possible, where a teacher can be shown how to deliver this learning package and demonstrate that they are comfortable with this unique style and that it is a good fit for them, but would require several INSETs at least 4, covering an understanding of the basic concepts that supports DYLM? It is possible for one of our facilitators to be available to support after INSET by telephone, based on prior agreement, also support via SKYPE or similar technology e.g. FaceTime (this would have been agreed in advance and costed accordingly).

Research & Presentation Skills

INSET based on innovation, creativity and imagination in the application, implementation and challenges of working with pupils/students, staff and parents to create an inclusive learning environment. It is possible for one of our facilitators to be available to lead on the first and support on the last day/evening of assembling learning for the final presentation. This maybe in person (there would be a prior agreed cost) or by SKYPE or similar technology e.g. FaceTime (this would have been agreed in advance and costed accordingly). There are pdf downloads which are free to use according to the needs of staff and students/pupils.


Don’t just take it from us, let our happy clients to the talking!

“What impressed me most was how well planned… structured… helpful… and organised the sessions were.”

Michael - Greenwich London

“Didn’t meet my expectations but exceeded them greatly” Patrice - North-Lincolnshire

“The content was great-Interesting…Delivery was lively and engaging.”

Lalena, Ilford

Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. How many participants can you accommodate per quiz?
A: 200 (individuals) or up to 1,000 (1 buzzer to a group of 5)
Q2. How much do you charge for a QZ session?
A: Depends on travel, institution and means. For more information please call or e-mail to discuss your requirements. See prices page
Q3. How long does a quiz last?
A: Depends on your requirements, usual time is approximately 50 minutes.
Q4. Can you create bespoke tailored quizzes?

A: We’ll work with you to create something unique and special for your occasion, educational establishment or company. Please note there is a fee to cover work done, if you decide not to go ahead. Again please call or contact us by e-mail or phone to discuss your situation as soon as you can. The fee is and will be deducted in the delivered cost of your quiz event or when paid in advance.

Q5. Can you create bespoke tailored quizzes?

A: A learning event is based on the idea of a day/evening out with the opportunity of a red carpet and photographs taken against a backdrop, with prizes, badges or certificates handed out in front of the backdrop, with education circles it is sometimes referred to as ‘Edutainment’.


Q1. What would be the cost of a DYLM?

A: As we tailor to individual and group needs and requirements please call or e-mail to discuss your requirements. See prices

Q2. Is the DYLM sessions only for young people?

A: We cater for all ages and have done so since 1993. We have worked with couples, individuals and with groups.

Q3. Have you only worked in the U.K?

A:  No. We have worked in other countries from time to time, as and when we receive requests to do so.

Q4. Longest series/presentation, has been how long?

A: One (1) week. A different aspect of the ‘Relationship Matrix’ was explored each day within an interactive environment.

Research & Presentation

Q1. What is the youngest age a child can take part?

A: If a child can read, understand, explain and suggest alternative application of what they have read, then they are able, albeit with guidance and appropriate support.

Q2. Is it only for schools and Educational Institutions?

A: No, it is for anyone and any age (see above Q#1). Anyone preparing to give a speech or a presentation to any group will find it useful.

Q3. Can the time be shortened from 6 weeks?

A: Yes. It depends on what you are able to do, and how confident you feel. Also by increasing the amount sessions per week, will also reduce the time.


Q1. On what days is I-C-E available?

A: Monday to Thursday, day or evening
Fridays to mid-day, Saturdays unavailable
Sundays day and evening

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