“An Alternative Approach To Sex Education Without The Banana”

Do You Love Me?

DYLM? (Do You Love Me?) is an alternative approach to sex education without the banana.

DYLM? was established to encourage personal accountability, responsibility and commitment

Some concepts DYLM? utilises: Why do we kiss with our eyes closed? We explore elastic boundaries and ‘carrying suitcases’ we never packed.

Who for?

  • Year 6 to adults
  • We cater for all groups, small and large, including residential
  • We are able to work with a range of educational institutions from primary (year 6) to universities
  • We can work with various religious faiths
  • We are able to work with charitable entities such as youth clubs and children’s homes

What is offered?

  • We provide single one-off standalone sessions or a series based on a relationship matrix
  • Sessions and series have a physical interactive component to illustrate the various concepts of the relationship matrix
  • The various concepts have been tested over a 22 year period and are constantly being refined.
  • The interactive components and concepts are cross-cultural and cross-faith and would appeal to all
  • Sessions can be tailored and collaborative according to group needs and dynamics
  • We explore the connection of how various media channels impact how we connect with each other in relationships, which includes pornography, erotica and audio and visual stimuli.

How does it work?

All interactive concepts and components are based on the ‘Relationship Matrix’. Sessions can be based on specific areas such as personal boundaries, intimacies, proximity, accountability, responsibilities, commitment etc. etc. (see videos)

The series can be based on the full range of the ‘Relationship Matrix’: four sessions with 12 sequential accumulative sections. (See videos)

Each one-off session is approximately 1 ½ hours, if needed can be reduced to 50 minutes. After each session we suggest a 30 minute question and answer period. The ‘Relationship Matrix’ series is approximately 6 -8 hours

Why us?

  1. Concepts are universal and cross-cultural
  2. Places individual responsibility at the heart of sex and relationships
  3. Universal faith concepts
  4. DYLM? Challenges personal ideology and myths
  5. Uses common personal experience and observations of individual participants as part of learning, within a safe, nurturing, sharing and enriching environment.
  6. We believe in sharing so that all can learn, so our material is available for responsible use by all, albeit with our permission

Students Taught (Approx)

Classes, Events Conducted

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“What impressed me most was how well planned… structured… helpful… and organised the sessions were.”

Michael – Greenwich London


“Didn’t meet my expectations but exceeded them greatly”

Patrice – North-Lincolnshire


“The content was great-Interesting…Delivery was lively and engaging.”

Alena, Ilford

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