“To enhance learning where natural competitiveness emerges within a collaborative environment”


(Pronounced phonetically as Quiz)

Benefits of the Q.Z Sessions

  • Q.Z is a learning event, not just a quiz
  • We encourage collaborative working and learning
  • It is engaging and interactive, enjoyable and competitive fun
  • Able to participate as teams (highly recommended) or as individuals
  • We can cater for up to 200 individuals and 1000 people, playing in teams of five
  • Inter-schools, colleges, universities competitions
  • We provide certificates and badges for all participants
  • Q.Z provides collaborative quizzes for educational, corporate, religious, leisure, commercial and charitable sectors
  • Q.Z ­ developed over six years, starting in 2011 has now become a learning event, a red carpet affair, for its participants and memorable experience which encourages those taking part to learn more and to better prepare for the next quiz

The Focus:

  • To enhance learning where natural competitiveness emerges within a collaborative environment.
  • To foster the enjoyment of learning.
  • To compliment all forms of learning: both formal and informal.
  • To raise and encourage standards of personal responsibility for learning.


  • Multiple choice questions, between two and six possible answers. Points are awarded for correct answers. Points can be deducted for incorrect answers and lack of response.
  • Various question formats for example:
  • Everybody answers – In this play mode all players/teams can answer and everybody gets points/loses points, based on whether the answer given is correct/incorrect.
  • Fastest Finger – Only the team or person who presses the buzzer first and answers correctly gets the points.
  • Last One Standing – There are various options for dismissing teams during a quiz. “Last one standing” games can be played, where players with wrong answers are dropped from the quiz.
  • Questions can be set according to categories e.g. Maths, English, Science, R.E, Geography etc.
  • Points can be displayed at the end of each round so participants know where they are in comparison to others.
  • Individual/team scoring can be analysed for strengths and weaknesses.

We Cater For the Following

Occasions & Events

  • For Valentines/Weddings /Wedding Anniversaries
  • Courtship history
  • Romantic history
  • About the couple
  • Mr and Mrs
  • Voting for the best dressed
  • Oldest married couple
  • Longest married couple
  • Most recent married couple


  • Older People in Care or Warden Assisted Homes
  • Holiday venues
  • Hotel entertainment nights
  • Cruise ship nights
  • Family genealogy
  • Reunions (school, colleges, universities, companies etc.)
  • Institutes, clubs and societies e.g. women’s Institutes, scouts, pathfinders etc.
  • Charity events e.g. Hospitals, Hospices, Children’s Homes

Faith Groups

  • Bible general knowledge / religious texts
  • Bible books / religious books
  • Church / faith history
  • Knowledge of founding members


  • Product knowledge
  • Knowledge of policy and protocols

  • Company knowledge for example Who’s Who and who does what

  • End of session recap and feedback

  • Voting on ideas or concerns

  • Rest & Recreation general knowledge quiz

Students Taught (Approx)

Classes, Events Conducted

Companies, Schools, Churches received I.C.E programs

Years of combined teaching experience


“What impressed me most was how well planned… structured… helpful… and organised the sessions were.”

Michael – Greenwich London


“Didn’t meet my expectations but exceeded them greatly”

Patrice – North-Lincolnshire


“The content was great-Interesting…Delivery was lively and engaging.”

Alena, Ilford

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