Research and Presentation Skills

“A school study skills project that enhance other areas of the curriculum”

Research and Presentation Skills

A School Study Skills Project – 6 Week (2 hour) Workshop

Benefits of the Q.Z Sessions

I-C-E offer ‘research and presentation skills’ to pupils in year 6 – 9, that enhance other areas of the curriculum



  • Increase confidence
  • To increase personal responsibility and accountability for production and presentation of work
  • To increase personal and corporate pride in the school attended

The Objectives:

  • To allow personal discovery through the use of personal knowledge, transferred into the school environment /curriculum
  • To understand that the connection of personal and corporate success is largely dependent on the level of work produced
  • To demonstrate that personal grooming, language and vocabulary bring respect from those whom we meet, who hear and see us


  • 1 outside tutor/facilitator and 1 school teacher
  • White board
  • PowerPoint presentation software
  • Laptop / Desktop PCs
  • College style learning environment and rules


  • Interview confidence for College, University and Work
  • Academic preparation for college and work training
  • Pride in an area of excellence
  • Work experience enhanced and increased
  • Those who may be shy or reserved given opportunity to shine and be expressive either within a group and as an individual

Expected Outcome:

  • Raising ambition and goals
  • Change outlook on education and academic work
  • Challenge thinking, ideas, concepts and expectations
  • Attendance for next R&PS – pupils self-referring  

How Measured:

  • Pre-expectation and post exit-expectation evaluations
  • Exit feed-back
  • Reflective Diary
  • Monitoring via teachers of participants attitudes in class, level and style of work

INSET Training for Project/Programme Delivery

We provide INSET training for the delivery of this programme; please enquire for details that would fit your students’ needs and ambitions

Example of a School using Research & Presentation Skills

Baysgarth School, Barton, North Lincolnshire, England (2005).

The school was recognised by the Educational Development Centre (EDC) and Local Educational Authority (LEA) as doing well and leading the rest of the LEA schools in this area of study skills.

Students and teachers alike have attested to the positive changes and effect on participating students who embarked and finished this course. Student performance and behaviour improved as they completed this course.

Programme graduates took part in a national competition, coming second in that competition, using the skills gained. Some teachers have said that their teaching method and practice have been enhanced because of the way students tackle classwork and homework.

The University of Hull explored rolling out this programme across the City of Hull by using an R&PS programme facilitator as part-time staff.

Research & Presentation Skills has been used in various schools in North Lincolnshire and Hull, since 2005.

There are three Pdf files that can be downloaded freely for you to use and change according to your needs.

1. Crib Sheets – that help students who are unsure as to where to begin, where to look or questions to start the journey

2. Mini-booklet – for notes during presentations if needed for trigger (bullet) points

3. Study Skills Course Booklet – a 12 week course booklet example

Students Taught (Approx)

Classes, Events Conducted

Companies, Schools, Churches received I.C.E programs

Years of combined teaching experience


“What impressed me most was how well planned… structured… helpful… and organised the sessions were.”

Michael – Greenwich London


“Didn’t meet my expectations but exceeded them greatly”

Patrice – North-Lincolnshire


“The content was great-Interesting…Delivery was lively and engaging.”

Alena, Ilford

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